Player locomotion and movement options.

There are four basic types of locomotion:

  • Teleport:
    • Classic VR teleport that uses a pointer and floor marker.
  • Dash Teleport:
    • Similar to Teleport, however there is more feeling of movement.
    • Plus the edge of the screen dims slightly when moving for comfort.
  • Walk in Place (experimental):
    • Arm swinging style of movement, speed of arm swing affects movement speed.
    • Direction is adjusted by rotating the head and controls in the desired direction.
  • Smooth Locomotion:
    • This is an analogue joystick style of free movement.
    • Depending on controller type uses the touch-pad or joystick.
    • Touch / push in the direction you want to move.
    • Push / click to move faster in the same direction.

Activate locomotion by pressing down on the left controller touch-pad / joystick by default. Note that the preferred default controller side (left / right) can be changed in the Game Settings on the Actions Assistant.

Additionally – there is a Snap Turning option that can be enabled in the Locomotion settings on the Actions Assistant. This is activated by touching / pushing to the let / right on the controller touch-pad / joystick, depending on connected device type.

There is also an option to move the Snap Turning to the opposite controller, so that it does not interfere with other locomotion interactions.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]