Smart Watch

Shows useful information for player and environment.

Note: the smart watch is an experimental feature, that is currently scheduled for re-work / improvement.

On the players left-hand wrist there is an interactive smart watch that gives helpful information and statistics, including health, locomotion, paint zone state and time etc.

The watch also has a radial menu for quick actions, that can be activated by hovering your right-hand index finger over the watch face. Highlight menu items by hovering them with your finger, then you’ll see the name of the item to be selected in the watch center / face area. Activate a menu item by pressing the trigger.

Quick actions on the watch:

  • Locomotion: change to next locomotion type.
  • Time of Day: change to next time of day.
  • Paint Zones: show nearby paint zones to player.
  • Save Game: save graffiti that is not already saved.

If the chosen watch menu action is valid you’ll receive a green status message. In cases where the action is not possible / valid you will see a red status message returned.

Future plans for the smart watch will make it easier to interact and use the quick actions menu. Plus we’ll be adding an additional game setting to specify which hand-side the watch is worn on.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]