Enter the virtual world of Graffiti Bombing
and become a graffiti writer.
Let's go!


Whether you’re a new artist, seasoned veteran or even all-city hero, you can now enjoy the thrill of being a graffiti writer in the crime-free (relative) safety of Virtual Reality (VR).

Prepare your equipment, pack your paint and supplies. Grab your piece book, select your outlines, plan color schemes, pick paint types and get ready to go all city!

Bomb different locations by tagging, creating quick throw-ups, pieces of graffiti and characters. Or take things to the next level, by creating huge graffiti burners and massive murals that cover large walls and buildings.

Spray on walls and surfaces with different paints types.

Spray on walls and surfaces with different paints types.


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Welcome to Grafsville!

Get transported into a seamless world comprised of rich, detailed environments. Graffiti Bombing is targeted for higher-end VR devices / systems, which allows us to offer better quality graphics, models and texture resolutions, for a more realistic and immersive experience.

Hall of Fame

You can submit your best graffiti pieces in-game, for a chance to enter the renown Hall of Fame!