Saving & Loading

Graffiti Bombing is continuously loading, streaming and saving textures.

The current architecture for loading and saving in Graffiti Bombing aims to be semi-automated in nature. We view the game-world state as persistent, so that if you do graffiti on a wall and later leave the game, next time you come back the graffiti is still there.

As in real life when you go bombing – if someone else has already done graffiti at a location then you must go over it. Either by spraying directly on top, or by using a paint roller to cover and prepare the area first.

Loading Game State

The game-world in Graffiti Bombing is split into levels and Paint Zones, which are dynamically loaded as the player travels around and ‘zones’ through different areas.

When a zone is activated the game checks to see if there is any stored graffiti for that zone, if there is then the graffiti is automatically loaded and displayed.

At the moment there is no manual load feature / action in the game. This may change and be added at a later date.

Saving Game State

After painting on a surface inside a Paint Zone, the zone is then marked as dirty. This means that any graffiti that has been done, will require saving to persist and load the next time the game / zone loads.

To save your work in a Paint Zone you have a few options:

  1. Leave the paint zone, then once you’ve been outside the zone for 10 seconds, the zone will automatically start saving.
  2. Open the settings on the Actions Assistant tablet and click the save icon button.
  3. Select the save action from the Smart Watch radial menu.

When a Paint Zone is saving you can look at your smart watch and see a saving spinner icon. The saving / loading of zones should work well and have a minimum effect of game FPS, however it is actually an intensive background process. We will be looking to optimize and speed up this process more in the future.

Important note: you cannot paint on a zone / paint surface while it is saving!

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]