Game Settings

Settings can be accessed and managed via the Actions Assistant tablet.

The various customization options allow you to configure your preferred setup for the game, graphics quality, locomotion, paint system, time of day and more.

We’ll be expanding on these settings in the future, with a longer-term goal of offering deeper customization options to satisfy different play styles and preference.

Game Settings

Configuration and options that relate to player and object interactions.

  • Select the preferred hand side for Actions Assistant and Locomotion.
  • Choose between full arm and hand models, or only show hand models.
  • Adjust the length of the arms, as relates to the body avatar which affects grabs.
  • Choose the preferred grab type style between ‘click to grab’ and ‘hold to grab’.
  • Pick the preferred method for interacting with Quick Action Panels, which are context interface panels that show with the Spray Can and Paint Roller interactable objects.
  • Additional options for resetting game and interactable objects state (if required).

Paint System

Configuration and options that relate to the paint system and spray cans.

  • Choose to show or hide the spray can reticle for painting.
  • Enable or disable drips when painting.
  • High quality setting for particles and paint interpolation.
    • Performance intensive, high-spec systems only.
  • Undo / redo system and options (experimental).
    • System re-write for undo / redo system coming soon.
  • Paint canvas quality options.
    • Normal should be fine for most people.
    • High quality for very high-spec systems only.
    • This setting will be removed with V2 paint system.
  • Spray can grip type, which relates to the can orientation.
    • Depends on controller type and player preference.


Configuration and options that relate to locomotion and player movement.

  • Choose the preferred locomotion type / style.
  • Option to enable 90 degree snap turning.
  • Option to move snap turning to other controller.

Time of Day

Configuration and options that relate to the environment and time of day.

  • Choose from one of the four presets to move the current world time to that hour.
  • Adjust the sun longitude and latitude to move the suns position and trajectory.
    • Useful to light different graffiti spots and light orientation for photos etc.
  • Custom slider to move the world time to a specific time of day.

Quality Settings

Configuration and options that relate to graphics and visual quality.

  • There are a good amount of customization options for graphics / quality.
  • Options that are red in color have a bigger impact on performance.
  • Expect to see FPS drop a lot if you crank everything up max.
  • Shadow settings for quality and render distance.
    • Performance intensive, high-spec systems only.
    • Real-time shadows have a big impact on rendering performance.
  • Anti-aliasing filtering for improved visual fidelity.
  • Environmental settings for sun flares, bloom and fog.
  • Higher resolution option for terrain rendering.
    • High resolution uses more memory.
  • Tree and vegetation options, plus grass rendering distance.
  • Photo resolution relates to the Actions Assistant camera.
    • Higher resolutions will impact performance.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]