Paint Zones

Levels are separated into different zones.

Areas in the game levels are separated into zones, i.e. inside and outside zones, and then within those zones you have different sub-zones and areas, some of which are paint-able.

We call a paint-able area a ‘Paint Zone’, which basically means you can do graffiti and save it in that zone, then next time the game loads it will reload that same graffiti and display it.

So how to know where you can paint? Well there is a view that can be activated to show the Paint Zones nearby to the player. Zones show up as green cube-like area volumes when paint-able and red color if disabled, depending on your game version (Free to Play vs. All City Edition DLC) and area access permissions.

All the different ways of checking if you’re in a Paint Zone:

  • Actions Assistant:
    • On the Graffiti Mode there is a map pin icon button, once clicked this activates / shows nearby Paint Zones.
  • Smart Watch display:
    • Small spray can icon, which changes to a green color, if you’re in a zone that has walls nearby that can be painted.
  • Smart Watch menu:
    • There is a menu option that activates / shows nearby Paint Zones.
  • Spray Can reticle:
    • Inside a paint-able area (Paint Zone) and you hold the spray can near the surface, you will see the spray can visual reticle appear on the surface.

Once you enter a Paint Zone it is activated, however the paint surfaces are not yet ready to paint. Once you take your spray can or paint roller close to the wall then that surface is prepared for painting and then you can do graffiti on it.

After painting on a surface inside a Paint Zone, the zone is then marked as dirty. See the section on Saving & Loading to understand how Paint Zones are saved and reloaded.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]