Actions Assistant

Hand-held tablet device, the main interface for interacting with the VR simulation.

The tablet offers different view modes, features, settings and options that are utilized to assist with the various actions and operations a player can carry out in-game.

By default the tablet opens held in the left-hand, via the menu or controller buttons, depending on the connected hardware device. You can change the default hand side for holding the device, via the Game Settings menu.

An interface pointer will display from the other hands index finger when pointing at the tablet device. This pointer also displays when holding a valid interactable object, such as a Spray Can, Paint Roller or Outlines Torch Projector.

Use the interface pointer to interact with the tablet menus, interface components and tools. To activate a button use the trigger, or to drag and drop (where applicable) hold the trigger, drag and then release to drop.

Actions Assistant sections:

  • Graffiti Mode: color pickers and quick colors management.
  • Import Outlines: import outlines from your ‘Pictures’ folder.
  • Camera Mode: take photos of graffiti to save in your ‘Pictures’ folder.
  • Social Sharing: review and share photos taken with your camera.
  • Settings: manage the various game settings.
    • Game Settings
    • Paint System
    • Locomotion
    • Time of Day
    • Quality Settings
  • All City Edition DLC: promotional section for DLC.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]