User Interfaces

Natural interaction with interfaces, aims to feel fun and intuitive.

Some objects have radial menus and panels that show settings for the device. These may seem a bit complicated at first, but work well once you understand how.

Radial Menus

  • Show a radial menu by touching the touch-pad / joystick on the holding controller.
  • Hover menu items by moving your touching finger to the desired item / direction.
  • Selecting is done by pressing the touch-pad / joystick, or pressing the trigger.
  • Some radial menu items will open a panel menu, for additional settings.

Panel Menus

  • Navigate by swiping on the VIVE Wands, or using the joystick on other controllers.
  • To select items or go down a navigation level in a panel menu use the trigger.
  • To go up a navigation level, or to close a panel press / click the touch-pad or joystick.
  • A double press of the trigger should select and then close the panel by default.
  • Panel Menus also support a UI pointer mode, which may be easier for some.
  • Pointer mode can be enabled in the Actions Assistant > Game Settings screen.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]