VR Hardware Support

VR Headset & Controllers Supported

List of supported / tested VR hardware:

  • HTC VIVE and Wand Controllers
  • Valve Index and Knuckles Controllers
  • Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers
  • Windows Mixed Reality and Motion Controllers
  • Oculus Quest (link cable or Virtual Desktop streaming) and Touch Controllers *

Note: items marked with * are experimental support only at this time.

All headsets listed have a custom controller configuration setup and have been tested. Depending on the controller type the experience will default to a ‘click to grab’ or ‘hold to grab’ style, i.e. on the Knuckles it defaults to a ‘hold to grab style’.

You can override the preferred grab style for your controller type in the Game Settings menu on the in-game Actions Assistant device.

Button configurations also change slightly depending on the connected controllers.

VR Performance

Varies slightly depending on the hardware, as does the accuracy of the movement tracking. Room-scale tracking setups with base stations are of course more accurate.

If you are on a headset with inside-out tracking the level of tracking accuracy is noticeably different, particularly when drawing outlines for example.

We do plan to revisit in the V2 paint system and see if there are ways to smooth out the tracking accuracy more for devices that use inside-out tracking.

Oculus Quest (link cable or Virtual Desktop streaming)

Support for the Oculus Quest is experimental only at this time – with the link cable or via Virtual Desktop streaming.

Initial beta builds showed poor performance with the link cable, and although it has improved in recent builds, the performance is still not good enough to say we officially support the headset.

If you use the link cable then expect to dial down quality settings in Graffiti Bombing, and tweak your Oculus and SteamVR configurations to get things playable.

Virtual Desktop streaming in comparison seems much better, as long as you have a fast WiFi setup I would recommend this approach. The experience and performance with Virtual Desktop streaming is very playable on our test systems.

Note: more details to follow soon in a Oculus Quest FAQ, on a separate page.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]