Technical Q&A

Answers to common questions, issues and bugs.

Please refer to this document for more information on an issue, before you ask about or report it again.

Graffiti Bombing.exe was just picked up by Avast Antivirus as a virus for IDP.Generic

This is a Unity game issue, sometimes anti-virus flags the EXE file, so you have to add it to exclusions. Also note that anti-virus can affect game performance, so in general it’s best practice to exclude your game folders, if you trust the source.

I’m unable to start the game at all, it crashes, performance is super choppy or it’s completely unplayable.

In most cases this relates to one of the following issues:
– Your computer is below minimum system requirements.
– Computer does not have available memory and / or resources.
– There is an underlying issue with your Windows setup / configuration.
– A graphics / hardware driver issue on your computer.
– Missing codec for video or audio.
– Something else, difficult for us to troubleshoot without detailed information.

Unfortunately it’s hard for us to understand or fix issues like this, as sometimes they relate specifically to your computer setup / configuration.

You can check this folder on Windows – it will have a ‘Player.log’ file that you can send us at [email protected].
‘%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Urban Weaponry\Graffiti Bombing’

The game starts and runs, however randomly crashes, usually when loading or zoning between levels.

It’s important that your computer has enough system RAM available to run the game (check minimum specs), otherwise Windows can run out of memory. So in the case of loading levels or zoning between areas the memory usage can increase temporarily, and then decrease again once you’ve moved to the new area. Usually this is where a crash can / will occur.

When running the game make sure you have enough system resources available before you start playing. If you have lots of other programs and services running already, the available system resources and memory RAM will already be lower. It’s best practice to close other programs that you are not using, to free up system resources.

Also worth noting – some users have found that adjusting the Windows page file setup has helped, in the case of random crashes. However, please note this is an advanced configuration change for Windows and should only be done if you understand the setup / risks.

Read more about virtual memory and page file setup for Windows here:

The game loads really slowly, particularly when zoning between interior and exterior levels.

The game loads and streams a lot of assets and textures when loading and saving. Current builds have been optimized for Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, so if you are running the game on a regular hard-drive you will see performance bottlenecks when loading / saving.

How can I change my graphics settings?

You can change graphics settings in the Actions Assistant > Quality Settings screen.

I feel like the angles of rotation for my controllers are incorrect, or the spray can and other objects do not feel in the correct / comfortable position.

There is a setting on the Actions Assistant > Paint System for the spray can grab position, depending on the controllers you are using, try different settings to see which grip you prefer.

Being left handed, is there a way to move and hold the can?

Yes – you can change which hand is used for locomotion in the Actions Assistant > Game Settings screen. Check this screen to see the available configuration options.

I’m left handed, and want to use the spray can in my left hand. But then I cannot use locomotion and am confused about how to use the Actions Assistant (tablet).

There is a setting on the Actions Assistant > Game Settings that allows you to change the hand you use for locomotion, so you can switch it to the right-hand side. You’ll probably want to move your Actions Assistant to the  right-hand side as well.

I’m left handed, and want to put the Smartwatch on my right-hand side.

I’ll be adding a setting to change the smartwatch hand later, although it’s not yet done.

I’ve lost my backpack and cannot find it again! Or I’ve taken off my backpack and cannot pick it up again.

Your backpack can only be grabbed at the top – if you try and grab it from a different point it won’t work. There is a highlighter that shows you the grip area.

The cans and or rollers go into the wall there’s no collision

This is expected right now – we’ll be adding more collisions for objects later.

I cannot rotate my character and have a small play area, what can I do?

There a Snap Turning setting on the Actions Assistant > Locomotion Settings that allows you to enable snap rotation turn of 90 degrees. Give this a try, along with the different locomotion types.

I cannot delete my paint, how do I clean the wall and remove graffiti?

You cannot do this in-game right now, it’s by design. However if you really want to remove the paint you can go to the game saves folder on your computer hard-drive and delete the files. However I’m not responsible if you lose game files / graffiti from doing this.

‘%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Urban Weaponry\Graffiti Bombing\GameSaves\DefaultGbGameWorld’

I want to use grab world style locomotion to make it easier to paint and get up higher.

At the moment this is not implemented in the game, it might be later though. That said there are game mechanics that would break from this style locomotion, so I have to consider the best way to add it, that does not break other stuff.

The radial menu and panel menus are hard to use, give me a simpler way to do these things.

You get used to the menus the more you use them. Yes, they can be a bit tricky to use, I agree – however the key concept is that options / menus are attached to specific objects, so I like the approach.

We’ve just added another mode for interacting with the panel menus via a pointer, you can enable it in the Actions Assistant > Game Settings screen.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]