Known Issues

Known issues, with plans to fix / solve in future updates.

There is no need to report these issues again, unless it’s something specific that we are not aware about. Or if you have additional troubleshooting information that can assist with a fix.


  • Level Loading / Zone Changes:
    • Moving between zones there are performance spikes as the scene loads / unloads.
    • Main areas for this issue:
      • Warehouse to Train Yard zone change.
      • Bunker Base HQ to Train Yard zone change (lift).
    • Depending on computer hardware and system setup, these spikes can be hardly noticeable on decent rigs.
    • On lower-end systems the loading spikes are more severe and noticeable.
    • Solid State Drives (SSD) definitely help for improving this particular issue.
    • We have more optimizations planned to improve this issue in the future.
  • Spray Paint Performance:
    • On lower-end systems there can be a frame-rate drop when painting.
    • This is more noticeable with thinner lines, as there is more interpolation of the lines that happens as the lines get closer and thinner.
    • Recently have added an improved performance mode for line painting that is better for performance. This is now enabled by default.
    • The V2 paint system will solve this issue completely, in a future update.


  • Walk in Place:
    • can get stuck on rough terrain or in some areas. If you keep swinging your arms you do get out in some cases, otherwise need to switch to teleport and move.
  • Snap Turning:
    • Can be too sensitive on the HTC VIVE Wands, due to the touch-pad sensitivity. Also a bit awkward to select at time.
      • Plan to improve this functionality in the future.

Interactive Objects

  • Sometimes objects can glitch out – note, there is a reset setting in the Actions Assistant that can reset objects if things get messed up.
  • Objects pass through walls, like the spray can or paint roller when painting.
    • Plan to make objects stick to surface and not pass through, we are working on this in a future update.
  • Physics glitches – yeah some objects can fly away and freak out with the physics.
    • Game engine limitation – plan to improve.

[ GB-Doc v0.0.1 – 28 August 2020 ]